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Hello, My Name is Sequeira, Robert.

ESL/IELTS Instructor

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About me

I am 29 year old from Cape Town, South Africa and more than. I thrive on responsibility and work hard at reaching perfection. I hold my family and friends in high regard and find myself the family man.  My strongest attributes I bring to the table is my loyalty and interpersonal skills, working within a team and working with individuals within a team. I have had many positions where I have had to manage people, teams and different personalities. I am highly dedicated and committed to finding the best results in my work.

I have grown up with a complete passion for sports which has lead me to pursue a career in sport , where I now found myself coaching soccer teams in Cape Town at both club and school level. I have also taken up the responsibility in heading committees that deal with all the logistics surrounding running the club. Recently I have also featured as a sports anchor on community radio station.

I also really enjoy and travelling. I have been to Brazil, Tanzania, Botswana, Thailand, New Zealand and most corners of South Africa. This has brought me to Vietnam where I intend to live and continue with my career path. Other interests include wine tasting, nature walks, camping and eating at good restaurants.

Personal Details

Full Name:                        Robert Gabriel Sequeira

Nick name:                        Bobby

Date of Birth                      12 April 1985

Age                                   29

Gender                              Male

Marital status                    Single, no dependence

Nationality                        South African

Home Language               English

Other languages               Afrikaans, beginner Xhosa

Health                  Excellent

Drivers Licence                  Yes

Own Transport                  Yes

Qualifications and Experience Timeline

2002:  Matriculation with Exemption at Paarl Boys High School

English                                  HG                                          Afrikaans                             HG

Maths                                   SG                                          Business Economics        HG

Accounting                         HG                                          Biology                                 HG


2004:  Varsity College - Completed 2 year Diploma in Business Management and Entrepreneurship specialising in Management, Economics and Marketing

2005:  Bluebird - After graduating I took a post as an office manager for a Medical software company to compliment my diploma.

2006 – 2013:  Restaurant Industry:  Waitering, Supervising and Management (2007 onwards)

Due to my strong interpersonal skills, I enjoyed working in the hospitality industry being able to interact with different personalities while providing excellent service.

2010 - 2012:  Hosting and Management of my own sports blog 

2011 – 2014: Coach, player and administrator at Grass Boots Football Club.

2012 - 2014:  Operation and Resource Manager at Generalist Outsourcer

2014:     Sports News Anchor for Bush Radio morning show

2014:     Completed TEFL and English teacher      

2015:     Foreign Partnership and Agent Manager at PMC, Ha Noi.

2015:     ESL teacher for beginner English students from children to Adults.

Details of Experience

Property Management Company (PMC)

Foreign Partnership and Agent Manager

2015 – Current

Responsibility – Researching real estate market trends and to build foreign relations for the company. 


Operations and Resource Manager




Cloud-Source is an outsource company that provide external jobs for clients ranging from different general jobs such as call centre work to recruitment. My main responsibility was to head up the recruitment process in hiring staff for an English teaching call centre. I was responsible for mapping out the recruitment process and putting it into practice, by managing and training other staff to do so.  

While running the general operations of the company I was moved into a resource management role in the company which involved optimising productivity by delegating work in relation to the demand of work by clients and the skill sets provided by the resources in the company.

Skills Developed:

  • Process mapping,
  • Project planning
  • Team Management
  • Resource management
  • Operations management,
  • Recruitment
  • Training
  •  Outbound Call Campaigns
  • Social Media Networking
  • Online English Teaching.

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