Lịch khai giảng: Khóa học IELTS INTENSIVE

This course has been specially created for learners of English who plan to take the Academic IELTS exam to demonstrate that they have the required ability to communicate effectively in English at university. It is ideal for learners who are aiming for band score 6.5 or higher on the IELTS test, intermediate level. This training is designed to help students who have studied IELTS prior to the course and want to even master more and improve performance more in the IELTS test. This is designed for students who want to improve better in the English language overall. This course will improve students understanding of written and spoken English nearly from intermediate to intermediate high or advance level. This also design to students who want to focus on improving some features on pronunciation and want to gain more confidence in speaking, listening, reading and writing and will also develop a greater awareness of grammar structure and vocabulary, in order to communicate more fluently and effectively in English.

Mục tiêu đào tạo: Khóa học IELTS INTENSIVE

The Intensive course focus on communicative language skills for listening and speaking. They are designed to increase knowledge of vocabulary, idioms and grammar. This course is for all who wants to make rapid progress.

  • Apply and gain a comprehensive knowledge and skills on Intensive IELTS
  • Prepare candidates to take the IELTS by discussing, practicing, and analyzing each section of the test;
  • Improve candidates’ IELTS test-taking skills and strategies in each section of the test
  • Review particular grammatical patterns that occur regularly on the IELTS
  • Simulate actual test-taking conditions so that the candidates become familiar with and more comfortable with test situations
  • Learn the scoring procedures for the exam so that you can interpret your own test scores
  • Improve the quality and quantity of writing you produce under time pressure

Mục tiêu học tập: Khóa học IELTS INTENSIVE

Reading Strategies/Test

  • Extract information from and understand a variety of academic- style texts including magazine, newspaper and journal-type articles. Focus on speed reading, skimming and scanning, sentence completion, and yes/no/not given-type comprehension questions.
  • Students are test their pacing and speed to answer each reading task so that they can maximize their time for the real test. Integrate more academic word sessions to build vocabulary builder, mastery and unlocking of difficulties.

Listening Strategies

  • Work on a variety of general and academic-type listening with native British, Australian, Canadian and non-native accents. Anticipating the text, using picture/graphic clues, predicting from questions, predicting language according to relationships/topics listening for specific information, predicting the required words identifying key words, Identifying word classification, form filling identifying when there is a need to listen, predicting possible context of the language, multiple choice and pictures, separating main ideas from supporting detail, recognizing introductory phrases, interpreting meaning, understanding the speaker’s attitudes, stress, interpreting intonation, prosodic features of speech including hesitations, repetitions, avoidance, tone.
  • Help students to carefully apply all the necessary tips to answer listening test more effectively.

Writing strategies

  • Graph and Independent Essay Writing strategies/Test taking skills. Describing facts and figures, bar and pie charts, tables, describing trends, line graphs Summarizing data In a table, selecting important information, grouping information, describing a process Cohesion, outlining presenting an argument, the introduction expressing views, making concessions
  • Help them build better ideas for different topics to write in their essays.
  • Develop their skills in using better and more words and re-checking errors
  • Maximize time to write both task 1 and 2
  • Mastery of different criteria for them to be able to identify and possibly score their own writings.

Speaking strategies

  • Make contributions to discussions on a variety of concrete and more abstract topics. Fluency, accuracy, range and relevance are practiced. Introducing oneself, focus on fluency, linking ideas, predicting topics/familiar situations, providing personal information. Cue Card analysis and 2 minute presentation practice
  • Help them maximize time to answer each part with the right length, introduction, content and closure for each question.
  • Help them build adequate phrases, words that are appropriate for each task
  • Help them build phrases to improve cohesion and fluency in speaking.

Thành phần tham dự: Khóa học IELTS INTENSIVE

This course is suitable for those who have a level in English equivalent to CEFR B2/IELTS 6.5 + or above, and who require this international qualification to verify their language skills for entry to university/college of further education or for a future employer.

Điều kiện tham dự: Khóa học IELTS INTENSIVE

For this course, student have to have a higher level to be able to cope up with other students and be able to answer different tasks of different skills where the level of difficulty is higher than the previous courses. Students are able to challenge themselves, and carry on tasks with more willingness, faster pace and more developed vocabulary and grammar background that even need more polishing.

Hoàn tất chương trình: Khóa học IELTS INTENSIVE

This is the final stage of the IELTS Course. After this course, students are given free mock test that are conducted monthly by the center. This is to help students in this level to prepare themselves and just monitor their progress and avoid the common mistakes that they make. While or after the course, the center can help students register the students in IDP or British council for test schedule, payment transactions and necessary guidelines to prepare students for real IELTS exam.

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Giảng viên: Khóa học IELTS INTENSIVE

eLive English Center Vergara, Cherry Thạc sĩ Giáo dục
eLive English Center Mckenzie, Stephen ESL/IELTS Instructor

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2,5 tháng

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1. Đăng ký nhóm từ 3 học viên trở lên giảm thêm 10%

2. Nhấn "Đăng ký ngay" để được giảm thêm 5% học phí

3. CHÍNH SÁCH HOÀN TIỀN: Hoàn 100% tiền học nếu học hết buổi thứ 2 mà không thấy hài lòng!

4. Đăng ký thi thử IELTS hàng tháng HOÀN TOÀN MIỄN PHÍ

5. Cung cấp một TÀI KHOẢN chữa Writing online HOÀN TOÀN MIỄN PHÍ...

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